We are a young motivated and muti-national team of IT experts, whose goal it is to make the life of people and companies dealing with IT infrastructures a little easier and the web a little more stylish and secure.

Especially in the field of digital medical imaging we are pushing boundaries and inventing new cool solutions that help saving the New Zealand health systems thousands of dollars a year and increases the standard of medical supply for Kiwis.

Although the web is more secure than you think, we are always prepared for the next intrusion attempt and so are our customers. We constantly analysing the latest incidents and enhance our counter measures.

Our team consist of people from countries all over the world each with his/her special fields of expertise. IT security specialists and web designers are part of our company, as well as hard or software geniuses, privacy experts and awesome organisational talents.

Together we combine our efforts and talents to evolve the New Zealand medical heath system, support small offices or big enterprises, make the web fast and stylish or provide internet connections to Kiwis living in rural areas.