We provide complete, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for storing, viewing and distributing medical imaging studies and reports.

Our solution consist of the following components:

DICOM Server: This application enables communication between the modalities and the Archive Server. It is essential for performing image storage, query/retrieve, forward, print and import and export DICOM objects.

Archive Server: It stores up to 500 million images in a single database on a local or network attached storage device. A second server can be automatically synchronised in order to permanently ensure up-to-date backup data.

Web Server: This server allows the secure web-based distribution of any medical images and reports to an unlimited number of web users, combined with efficient user management and strict authentication procedures. It is even possible to query other DICOM archives. Thanks to the innovative feature EasyWEB, physicians maintain an overview of all studies. They can easily search and filter the database individually to quickly find the required studies.

Web Viewer: This is a powerful plug-in for browsing, reading and processing DICOM images through every network. It provides an interactive diagnostic web viewer with all clinically required image processing features such as measurements, stack mode, cine mode and study comparisons. It allows an additional series to be pre-loaded in the background while images are being viewed.