During the last 36 month many major global companies presented an easy target for online criminals and a lot of private data were lost or abused. Although many of these attacks could have been prevented easily, the lack of security effort of these companies resulted in the damage of their personal image and a loss of customers.

We analysed many of the past attacks and developed appropriate counter measures, which are included in every of our new projects. But even if you are already having an internet presence, we can find out how secure it really is and help you to improve your level of security to withstand current and future threats.

Once you submitted your website to us, we will perform a wide variety of test to see what is the most effective attack against you site is. You do not need to worry about the content of your website during this time. Our tests will not effect your content at all. Of course, we will tell you all of our findings and share details with nobody but you.

Every finished security analysis results is a report. Depending on the size of your website this can be over one hundred pages long. It will point out all weaknesses we might have found and includes suggestions on how to fix the issues. If you have your own web developers, you can show him the technical details section of the report to get things fixed. If not read through our easy-to-understand summary of the found issues and - if applicable - decide what you want to have fixed. Every risk will be valued. So even if you are not guru, you will get a good impression of how secure your site really is.

Of course, we can support you even more and fix issues for you, if you wish.

For closed systems that require a user name and a password to login with, we provide the same service. As more than 30 % of the attacks on closed systems come from the inside, that means from registered users, it is worth to have look a on your web security, as well.