In our eyes the support of a small office or home office computer environment differs a lot from supporting large enterprises. Small problems often concern just an individual or a small group of people. However they can reduce your daily productivity are lead to frustration.

We are here to help you, whether it is on the phone with a quick tip, remotely on your computer or in person at your location. Providing you with an anti-virus solution or bringing it up to date is job, as well as solving low disk storage problems, updating windows or any other operation system, backing up you data, remove viruses or adjust your personal setting to increase your productivity an dmake you happy.

Are you producing data, which you cannot afford to loose? Then we can provide you with an off-site backup solution, that automatically stores your valuable information at a different place.

Or do you plan to build up a new office from scratch. We can advise you comprehensively to create a great, secure and sustainable IT workplace which will also save you money in the future.

We understand that sometimes also individuals need to have an issue solved immediately. This is why we offer after hours work also for small customers. For continuous maintenance job, we offer pre-selected plans. Of you need an individual support package, we are happy to provide you with one, as well.

Remote Support: