We provide user-friendly reading stations for orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors and internal specialists, as well as radiologists that contain the highest level of functionality.

Our software offers quick and intuitive access to tools for improved efficiency. All image processing tools can be selected via buttons, menu items or keyboard shortcuts. A configurable toolbar in the viewer facilitates the easy selection of functionalities needed for processing images. The most relevant buttons can simply be set up in the user’s own default toolbar.

An automatic tiling function arranges imaging studies on the screen without any user interaction, including a Hanging Protocol tool, allowing the creation of individually customizable hanging protocols. As a result, studies and images can be loaded automatically as physicians wish to read them. Hanging protocol sequences offer the possibility to easily switch between different formats for the same study. It is also possible to set up modality-specific toolbars.

We can integrate into virtually any RIS, EMR or HIS available on today’s market. Customised modules for 3D post-processing, nuclear medicine, orthopaedic templating, image stitching and more equip specialty readers with the required tools. Not only can our solution be used to read reports, but it also comes with a basic reporting module, that enables users to create, edit, store and send their own structured reports. The versatile software can also work as an exporting station by writing imaging data and reports to CDs, DVDs or memory sticks, printing on Windows® laser printers or DICOM medical imagers (including true-size DICOM printing), emailing any study to a colleague (even in diagnostic quality) or attaching scanned documents to a study.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you either with a single or a concurrent license.

We are DICOM and IHE compliant and CE and FDA 510(k) certified. The application is compatible with virtually all medical imaging DICOM devices on the market, regardless of the manufacturer.