Wireless Broadband
As a New Zealand owned company in the field of information technology, we feel obligated to take care of people living in rural areas, as well. Our goal is to brings fast, affordable broadband to your community with a wireless internet service that offers the same high speed for both uploads and downloads.

We are not only experienced broadband people but also visionaries, which believe that people living outside New Zealand's cities should be provided with high speed internet connections, as well. We donít just care about good broadband, we care about our community. That means any surplus from running your local broadband network gets ploughed right back into making it better!

bushwireless broadband is available now in parts of Laingholm, Parau and Swanson - small communities in Waitakere City - and we're reaching more people everyday.

If you are interested in getting connected, too then tell us where you live and we will help you to establish your own real braodband connection! Even if you are not part of our current coverage area, we still want to hear from you as we are always looking into the expansion of our community-based network!

If you want to know more about the latest discussions and developments in our rural networks programm, we suggest to check out our news section as well.